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Preview Inspector Panels

The Lookbook preview inspector is where each preview is rendered alongside its source code, notes and more.

The inspector is made up of a number of tabbed panels, grouped into two areas - the preview area at the top (with Preview and HTML tabs) and the drawer area at the bottom (with Source, Notes, and Params tabs).

It is possible to add custom tab panels into the drawer area, as well as to hide, reposition or reorder the system-provided panels.

Choosing panels to display

You can customise which panels are displayed using the preview_inspector.drawer_panels config option.

This expects an array of panel names in the order in which they should be displayed in the inspector. For example:

config.lookbook.preview_inspector.drawer_panels = [:source, :notes, :params]

To include all panels (including custom panels) that are not yet included in the list you can add a "*" entry as the last list item:

# show the notes panel first, then all others.
config.lookbook.preview_inspector.drawer_panels = [:notes, "*"]

Editing panel properties

You can edit the properties of any system-provided panels if you wish to change things like the panel tab text or the hotkey associated with that panel.

See the panel editing docs for details.

Adding custom panels

It is possible to add your own completely custom panels to the inspector to customise the preview experience further.

See the custom panel developer docs for more information.

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